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Implementing Your Product’s Pricing Strategy | Ep.3 The Price Tag | Ajit Ghuman

Implementing Your Product’s Pricing Strategy | Ep.3 The Price Tag | Ajit Ghuman

Guest background

Ajit is best known for his book on SaaS pricing - Price To Scale. He was the head of pricing and product marketing at Narvar. And then became the Director of Product Management - Pricing and Packaging at Twilio. He’s the Pricing chair at Pavilion and does Price consulting for startups. he also has a course on Maven called The Art of Monetization. Just recently he founded his own company Monetizely which is “a new way of doing CPQ”.

Episode Contents

In this 45-minute episode, we dive deep into pricing optimization and implementation - when and how to go about it, what are some pitfalls you should avoid and much more.

In this episode we cover:

(00:00) Ajit’s Background

(03:20) His book - Price to Scale

(06:03) Who should own pricing in organizations

(07:05) 3 common mistakes orgs make with their pricing

(10:32) Why companies don’t prioritize pricing and when they should invest in it

(14:42) Why pricing implementation is tougher than strategizing and how to go about it

(17:07) Who should own pricing at different stages of a company?

(19:00) Quote to Cash and CPQ

(22:31) How Ajit turned around a failed pricing implementation at Narvar

(28:53) Lightning round

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In this series of interviews, we talk about all things monetization with the world's top pricing experts. We go deep into software pricing and packaging – all the way from strategic best practices to actual implementation and optimization.