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How to price your B2B SaaS Product | Ep.2 The Price Tag | John Kotowski

How to price your B2B SaaS Product | Ep.2 The Price Tag | John Kotowski

Guest background

John Kotowski has been the director and VP of product of a bunch of different companies like Format, Tulip Retail, Rubikon Project, et cetera. He then went on to start his own price consulting and customer research company called Buyerson Inc. Where he helps companies with pricing, packaging, customer research, and PLG implementations.

Episode Contents

In this 30 min episode we talk about pricing your B2B SaaS product.

Topics include:

  1. Customer research and segmentation

  2. Willingness to pay

  3. How exactly you can go about optimizing and increasing your pricing

  4. Grandfathering

and so much more!

In this episode we cover:

(00:00) John’s background and his work in pricing in different companies

(05:42) Why product should own pricing and how they should go about it

(07:51) Process you can follow to change your product’s price

(12:13) How do you figure out what customers are willing to pay

(17:44) Grandfathering your customers

(20:04) HHow to do customer research to arrive at pricing

(22:53) Pricing trends in B2B SaaS

(27:24) Lightning round

How to reach John

Buyerson.Inc :

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